1. The apartment building is a residential building and is not subject to hotel categorization.
  2. Regulations are available at the Rental Office of POSESJA APARTMENTS and in the information desk in the apartment.
  3. Acknowledgement of acquaintance with the rules and regulations is made at the time of booking, payment of the deposit, payment of the entire amount for the stay or signing the Guest’s Stay Card.


    1. A reservation is considered made upon receipt of a deposit of 50% of the agreed amount.
    2. The remaining payment for the stay is collected on the day of arrival, according to the date you set. In the case of early cancellation, we do not refund the fee for the time of unused stay, meals or services – Legal basis THE ACT ON TOURISM of 4.12.1997.
    3. Reservation of stay remains valid on the day of scheduled arrival until 24:00. After the indicated time, the reservation will be canceled. To avoid cancellation of your reservation, you must notify POSSESSION APARTMENTS by phone of a later arrival.
    4. A shortened stay or a no-show at the apartment will not result in a refund for the non-use of the benefit, unless the shortened stay or no-show was due to circumstances of force majeure or fortuitous accident. The burden of proving the circumstances referred to in the preceding sentence is on the person who requests reimbursement.
    5. The price of the stay does not include the resort/spa fee, which is payable on arrival. The fee varies depending on the locality. For the village of Grzybowo the resort fee is: PLN 1.80/ 1 adult and children.


  1. Apartments are rented for a minimum of 2 nights.
  2. In the period from July 1 to August 31, a minimum stay of 3 nights applies. With 1 day, the cost is equal to 3 days.
  3. In case of renting the apartment for 1 night, there is an additional cleaning fee of 200 PLN.
  4. The day of stay in the apartment lasts from 16.00 to 10.00.
  5. Guests should report their wish to extend their stay at the Apartment Rental Office or by phone by 10:00 a.m. on the day before departure. It will be implemented as the apartment is available for an additional fee.
  6. If a guest, without coordination with the Rental Office, keeps the apartment after 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure, this will be considered an unauthorized extension of the night and will be subject to a compensation fee of 50% of the base rate.
  7. POSSESSION APARTMENTS may refuse to accept or terminate services before the end of the stay of a Guest who has grossly violated the Rules and Regulations of the facility or otherwise disrupted the operation of the apartment building.
  8. A guest of POSSESSION APARTMENTS may not transfer the premises to a third party.
  9. The price quoted is the price per Apartment per night and includes all operating costs associated with the apartment. Additional one-time fee charged on site from the Client in the amount of 200 PLN includes cleaning along with bed linen and towels (one set for each person registered in the reservation – according to the purpose of the apartment -2, -4, -6 persons).
  10. If the length of stay is at least 14, 21… days – additional cleaning and replacement of towels and linens is included at the request of the guest, at an additional cost.


  1. The apartments are located in a residential building, and therefore guests staying for temporary stays are required to comply with the rules adopted therein .These relate to the disposal of waste in the containers designated for this purpose, to the removal of animals outside the property, to maintain curfew from 10 pm to 6 am.
  2. Lessor’s responsibilities
    • Providing conditions for full rest of Guests in accordance with the booking arrangements;
    • Guest data protection;
    • Providing access to the apartment in cleanliness;
    • Performing current repairs in the apartment after prior notification;
    • Responding to reported comments and complaints.


  1. Non-registered guests are allowed to stay in the apartment from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm,
  2. Guest Responsibilities:
    • is obliged to check the completeness of the equipment of the Apartment, as listed on the entrance door, also the technical efficiency of individual elements of the equipment. Any deficiencies in equipment and visible damage , including technical damage – immediately upon discovery. In the event of failure to perform the obligations referred to above, the Guest will be charged an amount equivalent to the value of any damage or shortage occurring in the Apartment on the day of departure, unless the Guest proves that the shortage or damage did not occur during the Guest’s use of the Apartment. The above does not include the possibility of charging the Guest an amount corresponding to the value of any damage or deficiencies occurring in the Apartment, even in the case of performing the aforementioned. obligations if it turns out that the damage or deficiencies occurring in the Apartment were caused during the period of his use of the Apartment. Applications can be made by email or phone (including SMS); 0- is obliged to report the stay , at the end of the stay leave the keys in the code box at the apartment;
    • A damage deposit of 500 PLN is required. POSITION APARTMENTS will charge a fee 7 days prior to arrival. Payment is made by credit card or wire transfer. The amount paid should be refunded within 7 days of check-out. The entire deposit will be refunded to your credit card or wire transfer account after checking the condition of the apartment;
    • If there is damage to the apartment, the cost of repairing the damage will be deducted from the amount of the damage deposit. The deduction of the damage deposit does not release the Guest from liability to Posesja Apartments for damages caused in the rented apartment, exceeding the amount of the deposit and Posesja Apartments’ claims for the above.
    • signing at arrival a statement of full financial responsibility for damage caused by the animal, which is on the stay; – for reasons of fire safety, it is prohibited to use devices that are not equipment of the apartment, such as heaters;
    • z is obliged to observe the rules for the safe use of electrical appliances that are equipped in the apartment, such as. Iron, while remembering to turn it off;
    • Do not move room equipment or change its settings without notice. Please do not take towels, blankets and other equipment out of your room.
    • For security reasons, each time leaving the apartment the Guest should check that the front door has been locked;
    • leaving the apartment intact, leaving the remote control for the gate in the apartment.


    1. POSSESSION APARTMENTS is not responsible for items left on the premises of the apartment building.
    2. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the apartments. For violations of the ban in force, the guest is obliged to pay a fee for cleaning and ozonation of the apartment in the amount of 700 PLN.
    3. Fee for loss of keys to the apartment, loss of the remote control to the gate Guest is obliged to pay 500 PLN each time.
    4. POSITION APARTMENTS does not guarantee parking spaces./. The owner of the OBJECT is not responsible for damage to or loss of the car or other vehicle belonging to the Guest or the property therein. Parking is free, unguarded and monitored.
    5. Internet in the apartments is free of charge
    6. ANIMALS are not accepted.